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Should a Non-Smoker Really Start Vaping as Simply a Hobby?

With the advent of vaping products and the rise in the market today, it is no wonder there are more individuals opting for a better alternative than cigarettes. While vaping is technically considered to be that rather than smoking cigarettes which contain more than 2000 chemicals in them, it is important to know both the pros and cons of vaping as a non-smoker before making your decision.

Pros of Vaping

One of the biggest pros of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes is the elimination of additional chemicals that are extremely harmful and dangerous to the body, often causing lung cancer. Additionally, vaping is less expensive than smoking cigarettes. If you’re super new to the vaping scene you will probably want to read up on the new vaping FDA ENDS regulations and what you can do to help.

With vaping products, there is no awful smells and your clothing will not absorb the smell of smoke, which is ideal for those who want to remain smoke-free.

Another major pro of vaping is eliminating the basic menthol and tobacco flavors if you enjoy a variety while utilizing your device. Products range from mint and chocolate to custard and fruity candy to fit any preferences you have in mind once you begin vaping.

There are also hundreds of vaping products on the market, whether you are searching for a vape item that resembles a cigarette or if you have an interest in vaping products that are electronic and can be recharged easily with a universal charger for everyday use.

Finally, e-liquids and devices are generally cheaper than paying for a pack of cigarettes each day, especially in the long-run, which makes vaping more appealing for those who are non-smokers. Choosing to purchase different e-liquids is a way to spend less on a habit you enjoy while also getting a variety of flavors, too. Some people may even choose to make their own vape juice.

Cons of Vaping as a Non-Smoker

Although vaping may seem as if it is the right choice as opposed to smoking, there are still risks when you begin vaping. Once you are used to and somewhat addicted to using a vaping device, it may be more tempting to move onto cigarettes, which is much unhealthier.

Another thing is, even though it’s a better alternative, you still run the risk of accidentally swallowing e-liquid if you’re not careful while you are vaping. This can happen if the tank is leaking or cracked, or if you overfilled it and immediately started vaping.

Other Expenses to Consider

After you start vaping there is other cost that people don’t usually think of, including things like coils, batteries, and battery chargers – just to name a few. To get a good idea of some of the cost associated with some of these things, I’d encourage you to check out some of these links to get some prices.