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4.4 Out Of 5 (4.4 on 8)
Kanger T3S Clearomizer
SKU: 341
List Price: $7.99
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Kanger T3S is an upgrade to the popular T3 bottom coil clearomizer. The new T3S features a clear solid mouthpiece but also a seperate Coil Atomizer that is removed from the baseplate assembly. This makes the Kanger and even more cost effective device by reducing the size of the coil that must get replaced from time to time.
This uses the outside threads of a Riva or eGo battery, so if you are using on anything other than these devices you will need to get a 510/eGo adaptor as well.

Capacity: 3.0 ml
Thread: Riva/eGo threading


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Reviewer: Lawrence Michael Braidman
04/03/2014 08:46pm
Just got the t3s and so far it has been so far superior to anything else I've tried.
Reviewer: amythyst626
11/13/2013 11:45am
So dont sww much on here about how to work these. So im going to take it apon my self to do so fornall the new users that I send to this web site who are not In idaho. Thus here is my "how to work it"
This is a bottom atty which means it is a cooler burning unit this is for the people who have a deep lung or those who take long draws off of their e cigarette.

To trouble shoot this device when you dont get anything from it or when you have just changed out your atty or cleaned it what I do is I unscrew the tank and set it aside. I then take the atty off and blow on the end that connects to the battery, this clears any e juice that has built up in there. Now I also clean the tank battery and the part that screws on to the battery. Its super easy all you need is a few q tips and some tissues. These tanks run so much better with daily non abrasive cleaning ( meaning dont soak these) you should however always remove your tank from heating element and battery to rense it with waem water when switching niquid. I recommend using this tank with one of the e go twist battery or the winder battery as you can change the voltage :) I hope this was help ful!!! I love vapeology so id do anything to help those who quit smoking and turn them into lifetime vapers so much vaping love!!!
Reviewer: Lindsey Brossart
09/21/2013 07:46pm
love these tanks
Reviewer: Lindsey
09/21/2013 07:45pm
i love these tanks they are very smooth and easy to take care of
Reviewer: Hooked2Vapeing
07/06/2013 06:05pm
I love how this tank draws compared to the older Kanger, however I have had a problem with the battery shuting down half the time. It seems like a bad connection between the tank and the battery. I have replaced the coils and the battery with the same issue. When it works though it is worth every cent. Also doesn't seem to darken the niquid nearly as fast as the T3
Reviewer: Andrew Damron
06/29/2013 12:00am
Bought two tanks, got them in the mail. One was defective and the other one works half of the time. I am very displeased with these tanks, if you order them, order with multiple burners in case one is defective. I am so angry...
Reviewer: slayer69
06/26/2013 02:39pm
I enjoyed the kanger t3, but it was a lot of maintenance always cleaning the juice out of the tube and making sure the wick was thick enough on top of the coil to have it not leak. The t3s has seamed to fix my previous problems and i love it! smooth draw, no gurgling, and plenty of vapor from an 1100mah Ego battery. you can still replace the coil yourself too!
Reviewer: Will Erb
06/18/2013 09:31am
I'm relatively new to Vaping. Got the Riva kit with the Stardust head, and it was okay, but the reservoir was small, had to make sure to get the niquid on the wicks, and had inconsistent taste and pulls from it. Upgraded to the TS3 yesterday and I LOVE it. No leaks, easier to fill, heating element is in the bottom so it's completely submerged most of the time, pulls are very consistent and full, holds a lot more, and to me, the cooler vape tastes better and smoother. Can't believe this upgrade was less than 6 bucks!
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